22 million working days were lost in 2017/18 due to musculoskeletal disorders, stress, anxiety and depression.1  Work days are lost throught all sectors from the construction industry to office based companies.  Remedial massage and sports therapy sessions for you and your employees will help improve productivity within your work place and reduce the number of work days lost.
Massage is important in helping to improve emotional well-being and self-esteem. Massage can be a calming or energising experience; it can lower blood pressure as well as reduce stress, depression and anxiety (as recognised by the charity Mind). Improved sleeping patterns that can result from massage positively affects health and wellbeing which in turn will have a positive impact on the productivity of your work force.
Sports Therapy sessions will address ongoing aches and pains that can consciously and unconsciously affect how we work. Treatments and advice can help prevent issues such as back ache, headaches and repetitive strain injuries.


In-house treatments allow you and your employees the opportunity to easily access massage and sports therapy treatments keeping time away from work to a minimum whilst reaping all of the rewards for your employees and your business. I can offer a range of massages and sports therapy treatments, including fully clothed and seated massages, so a dedicated room/ portacabin to work from is not always required.
If you feel this is something that you and your employees would benefit from, and that you would feel was complementary to your current employee wellbeing and mental health strategies, I would be delighted to come to have a chat with you to discuss the packages available and how we could work together.

Day rates start from £250.  All packages are tailored to your companies needs.

1 Figures taken from the HSE