Stretching is key to maintaining flexibility and should be carried out when the body is warm after exercise.

Following all treatments at Jīròu you will be given strengthening and lengthening exercises to do to help your body recover faster from its injury/ activity.  You will be shown how to carryout these safely and effectively.

The ideal location to do your stretches is in a clear space with a flat floor and a stretching mat however at Jīròu we realsie that the stretches and exercise need to fit in with your daily life so I will provide you with exercises you can do at your desk, standing in a que etc so that the not ideal location doesn’t prevent you from carrying them out.

Where do you stretch?

Why not put a picture on the Jīròu facebook page of you stretching, the best pictures will recieve a Jīròu gift voucher.

Stretching flexors