What are the benefits of having a pre and post sports massage by Jīròu?

Pre event: A pre event massage can help an athlete by assisting in their warm up routine by; warming the main muscles to be used, increasing circulation, warming joints, improving the neuromuscular responses required for the activity, invigorate and providing a psychological boost. (either invigorate or calming). Techniques used are not deep but should be brisk and may include effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, as well as mobilising and stretching. If you are new to massage it is a good idea to try out a pre event massage prior to any major event e.g. before a training session, so that you know what to expect.

Post event: Massage can help an athlete recover from an event as it helps return the athlete to their pre event state, relax them and encourage the removal of toxins, including lactate and also reduce the effect of DOMs (delayed onset of muscle soreness). It is more relaxing and deeper than pre event massage and it is an opportunity for a therapist to identify any minor injuries and niggles and tight areas which may require treatment. Techniques are performed slowly and include effleurage, vibration, stretching and light stripping.

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