You are an extra lucky person if you are never prevented from doing the activities you enjoy due to injury or illness.

Planning your return following injury or illness is really important if you are to return stronger than before and reduce the risk of further injury. Once you have been given the all clear it is important to begin gradually. It is important to pace yourself and set realistic goals and targets. Listen to your body. Learn to tell the difference from tiredness due to doing an exercise that you haven’t done in a while and pain due to overdoing it.

Seek advice and support- There are some useful resources out there e.g. if you are returning to running or need to restart your cardio the NHS’s Couch to 5km has a great structured plan to gradually get you going. Professionals such as Jīròu Sports Therapy, can give you advice with regards to rehabilitation programmes, including exercises proprioception work and,stretches.

Return to sport following injury

Return to sport following injury

Even with great planning and sticking to a sensible rehabilitation regime it is likely that you will still have the odd setback. It won’t be easy, be realistic, accept that you will have good and bad days. Be ease on yourself when you need to be, but also make sure you work hard with your exercises, stretches, and training. Try to stay positive, make sure you have someone to encourage you when you need it, whether that is a friend, personal trainer or training partner.

An opportunity- Use your return as an opportunity to reinvent yourself in the way you do your activity, maybe approaching aspects with a different outlook or focusing on improving those aspects which in the past have been difficult.

Make sure you give your body the best opportunity to regain its function and strength by thinking of it as a whole. Have a Jīròu Sports Therapy sports massage to relax muscles that have been over worked due to compensating for your injury and those that are working hard after a period of inactivity.

Go on, you can do it.