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Massage for seniors

Massage is important in helping to improve emotional well-being and self-esteem.  Through my experiences I realise how simple human contact can be limited in a senior person’s life and something as simple as the laying on of hands during massage can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and lessen the feeling of isolation.  The relaxed state of mind and reduction in aches and pains following a massage can result in improved sleep patterns and enhance quality of life.

As a Remedial Masseuse I work with people of all ages and have clients in their 70s, 80s and 90s. I offer a range of massages (including fully clothed and seated), to help reduce muscle stiffness and improve mobility, increase circulation in the body as a whole and also at the extremities.  This can help to lower blood pressure, decrease breathing rate and help with a variety of medical conditions including arthritis, Parkinson’s, asthma and angina.

Sessions can be organised in clients’ own homes or through residential care homes, please get in touch.


Keep Moving – group sessions in residential settings

Working with seniors within residential settings has shown me how important continued mobility into later life is in maintaining as much independence as possible and in helping maintain and improve general health.  My weekly group keep moving sessions offer a great opportunity for social interaction and laughter. Activities are adapted to individuals needs and will help improve hand eye co-ordination, balance, fine motor skills and mental agility, as well as helping residents to maintain good safe practice with regards to getting in and out of chairs, walking, picking things up from the floor etc.  These sessions can be run in a communal space such as a lounge.

If you feel this is something that your residents may benefit from and that you would feel was complementary to your work, I would be delighted to come to have a chat with you to discuss further how we could work together.