With the new year under way you may have started a new fitness regime, or ramped up an old plan. Unfortunately a sudden increase in activity can lead to injury, so make sure your plan eases you into it gently. Also make sure that you do a thorough warm up prior to your activity and a cool down and stretch following it.

event massage

Jīròu Sports Therapy treatments will help your body to function better whether that is for sport or for your daily activities. It can be used to improve function of the muscles and to increase flexibility and range of movement. Sports massage can be used to promote healing, relaxation and to help relieve pain. It helps improve muscle and skin tone, improves the function of the circulatory and digestive systems and encourage the removal of toxins. Sports massage can be used pre event ,as part of a warm up, inter event and post event. Post event massage will help flush out lactic acid and other waste from the muscles to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, It will also be used to help identify any potential areas of tightness/injury, to relax the competitor, having a positive psychological effect, and to help return the muscles to their normal length.

Even following the best made plans, injuries still occur. These can be as a result of an accident e.g. slipping on wet leaves or due to chronic issues that only come to light as a new or increased intensity/ volume of activity is carried out.
Jīròu Sports Therapy treatments can help discover the source of these chronic issues, treat them and in doing so not only alleviate pain, but help your body to function more efficiently. We will also provide advice with regards to preventing a re-occurrence of these and other potential issues.

Contact jirousportstherapy@hotmail.com to arrange your first treatment/massage and start the new year with a better functioning body.