What is sports therapy?

Sports Therapy is the treatment and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. The aim at Jirou is to help improve how your body performs, whether that is for sport or for everyday life. Sports Therapy uses a variety of soft tissue treatments, massage and exercise therapy to help reduce pain, improve function of the muscles, increase flexibility and range of movement and breakdown adhesions within the muscles.


What are some of the benefits of sports therapy and massage?

Sports Therapy will help your body to function better whether that is for sport or for your daily activities. It can be used to help reduce pain, improve function of the muscles, increase flexibility and range of movement, breakdown adhesions and scar tissue within the muscles and release trigger points. Sports Therapy treatments can have a positive psychological effect. Sports and remedial massage may be used as part of your sports therapy treatment or you may just decide to have a Sports massage on its own. Massage can be used to promote healing, relaxation and to help relieve pain. It helps improve muscle and skin tone, improves the function of the circulatory and digestive systems and encourage the removal of toxins. Massage can also help improve range of movement and flexibility. Sports massage can be used pre event ,as part of a warm up, inter event and post event. Post event massage will help flush out lactic acid and other waste from the muscles to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, It will also be used to help identify any potential areas of tightness/injury, to relax the competitor and to help return the muscles to their normal length.


Do you only treat people who are into sport?

No, everyone can benefit from Sports Therapy. You don’t have to be an athlete for an injury or chronic pain to affect you. Sports Therapy can help treat and rehabilitate you from injury and ongoing niggles so that you can carry out your everyday life pain free and with improved function. It can also help address postural imbalances which will help your body function better in your daily life.


Do you only treat people who have a injury?

No, Sports Therapy can help everyone. If you have a lack of ROM and flexibility, a long term niggle, or just want to improve how your body functions in your daily life then Sports Therapy and massage can help. Why not arrange to have a postural assessment as part of your appointment.


Can you treat an acute injury (i.e. an injury that has occurred in the last 24-48 hours) e.g. a twisted ankle?

Assuming your injury hasn’t required a trip to the Hospital… (for example it is a slight strain or sprain to the ankle) If the area of your injury is still red and warm to the touch (compared to surrounding areas) then the best treatment for your injury is RICE: Rest: this does not mean immobilise the injured area , it is better to gently move the joint keeping the movement in the pain free range. Ice: Do not apply ice directly. The area should be iced for a maximum of 20 mins every 2 hours (the time should be reduced for small areas like ankles, wrists etc.) Compression: this is to help limit the amount of swelling. Do not compress too much as that will cut off circulation. It is best to remove any strapping at night. Elevate: This will help reduce the amount of waste, dead cells etc from pooling. Once the redness and heat have gone from the injury site then we will be able to start your treatment and rehabilitation programme.


What treatments are available?

All treatments are tailored to the individual. Your appointment may involve some of the following:
A postural and/or joint assessment
Massage- sport and remedial
Soft Tissue Release
Soft Tissue Mobilisation
Joint Mobilisation
Trigger Point Therapy
Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial Release
Exercise Therapy
Taping and Strapping
During your appointment, any treatments which are new to you will be explained so that you know what to expect.


What should I expect at my appointment?

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When you have your first treatment we will fill in a consultation form together. We will talk about the reason you have made the appointment. Depending upon the reason for the appointment I may work with you to take you through a joint assessment (taking your joint through its normal range of movement) or postural assessment. For the postural assessment you will need to wear shorts and you will be asked to remove your top (bras are to be left on). Please bring shorts with you as these will be necessary if treatment is for the lower body. Where the treatment allows, towels will be used to cover you when the treatment is being given, however some treatments require you to move about. The method of treatment will be specific to each client but some of the different types of treatment are listed in the FAQ What treatments are avaialable? section. Prior to a new treatment you will be informed of what to expect and you are always in control and can stop the treatments at any time. If at any time you have questions about the treatments please do ask.


What will I feel following the treatment?

You may feel tired and drowsy or dizzy It is recommended that you do not drive or operate machinery following the treatment. Some treatments do require a reasonable amount of pressure to be applied (although this will always be within your control) and as a result you may have areas of redness and bruising. You may feel as if you are congested or have a cold starting have bad breath or feel like you need to urinate more frequently. This is because massage can breakdown and release toxins into the system which the body then gets rid of. You may feel dehydrated and it is always recommended that you drink lots of water post treatment. In some cases you may feel worse before then feeling better or you may feel discomfort elsewhere in your body as the treatment may reveal a problem which was the actual cause of the symptoms you presented with.


What should I do Following the treatment to gain the most effect from it?

You should drink lots of water, have a warm relaxing bath and avoid strenuous exercise for 24hours following a treatment. If you have been given some exercises to perform you should carry out these as advised.


Can you treat under 18’s?

Yes, I can treat under 18’s however, the parent will be required to also attend the appointment.


Can you come to our event/ match/ tournament to offer pre and post event massage and/ or work with competitors/ teams in our club?

Yes, please contact me to discuss how we can work together.


What is your Privacy Policy?

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